From the album What Nick Did Next

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Good evening ladies, they call me Nicholas, I have been picked to be your entertainment tonight.
I'll dance and I'll sing for you, prance and swing for you,
Roar like the king of the jungle and
Soar like an eagle in flight

Oh I've been around baby, I know the thrill of twisting and turning, persisting and yearning, intoning with this silver tongue.
And I was electric, eclectic, prophetic, poetic, kinetic, magnetic, majestic, athletic, authentic, I tricked all the skeptics and so the election was hung.

Oh I got the come on from Cameron, he say to me, "Nicholas, they do not trust me enough to run things on my own,
So I need you to join me in ticking the boxes so it will not seem like we're just cutting things to the bone.”

The victors were greedy, the people were needy and so I proceeded to heed their call,
But my glee was so great I could not steer straight,
So this crooner, a gooner, the skip of this schooner, through tuna I sailed like a blue honeymooner, it became rough and I failed to be tough so I shifted and drifted right over the big waterfall.

Oh I was excited to be invited to be the slave of this knave they call Dave
So we went to his cave
And soon I was singing his song
My thoughts became jumbled, the people they grumbled
Because it turned out that I was just a cut all along.

If you’re from a low station and want education I’m sure Che Guevara agrees that it’s fair you be crippled by triple the tuition fees
Oh I’ve been around baby, I know the score with the stripping and snipping and lopping and cropping and chipping and chopping and changing and swapping and flipping and flopping and hopping and propping and mucking and mopping, conniving and ducking and diving and clucking and jiving and wheeling and dealing and kneeling, heeling and stealing and drinking darjeeling in Ealing, repeatedly concealing my sinking feeling as every ideal disappears on the breeze.

Good morning Nicholas, fickle and feckless you are, we are sick you now, they say to me
It seem like the nation had no hesitation in venting frustration, they hate me for I was too much like a tory, but oddly they kept them cause they’re nothing like me,
They should shoot the sheriff, instead they shot the deputy.