From the album La Boîte Diabolique


Anorexic venus flytrap, dogmatic pap, maybe not true
Do as I say, not as I do
If someone can, Vatican can,
So dance with me, in silence please,
Boxes filled with coins and bodies
Silver watches for a high price,
Vanity’s nice, go on, buy it

We know what you've done

The weapons of mass destruction
Did not function
If he had one, don't you think he would have used it?
Hiroshima, silver beamer
Nagasaki, wacky baccy

We know what you've done

I have harnessed cosmic rays, causing them to operate
Oscillating static fields, lower cost for higher yield
Edison is not so keen, silver powers his machine
Curse the coils and curse the world and curse you all,
Oh please I beg you, help me hide the
Strange devices, full of wires
Thin membrane of fallout foil
Interned in soil and left to fester
Lest we ever get the rest of
Tesla’s head