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From the second Pig with the Face of a Boy album, "The Girl with the Arms Made From Marrows", available here:…de-from-marrows/…?ls=1&app=itunes

Written and Produced by Donald Newholm & Computron 10,000
Arranged and Performed by

Donald Newholm - Vocals, Guitar
Dan Woods - Accordion & Vocals
Gemma Gayner - Violin & Viola
Malcolm Gayner - Drums
Chris McInnes - Piano
Lucy Newholm - Flute & Vocals
Charlie Pyne - Double Bass
Samuel Rowe - Cello

Copyright 2012 Ó Records


What’s that shape at the end of the hall?
It’s a sinister thing, spindly and tall
What’s that hiding under your bed?
It’s a sinister thing, and soon you’ll be dead

Sinister things hatch sinister plans,
They’re the dust that you breathe and the dirt on your hands
What’s at the end of the arm of the hand pulling strings?
Sinister things.

What’s that rustle in the bushes outside?
It’s a sinister thing, thirty feet wide
What’s that creak in the cellar below?
It’s a sinister thing. And it’s starting to grow.

Sinister things have sinister thoughts,
Turned frogs into toads when they gave them their warts
Gave stings to the wasps and supplied flying ants with their wings
Sinister things.

Sinister things have your name on a list
Biding their time they remember
You may scoff and insist that they do not exist
Until they come to dismember you

What’s that face peering in at the window?
Sinister thing, a sinister thing
What’s that eerie sound as the wind blows?
Sinister, sinister things.

Sinister things crawl out of the woodwork
Seeping through cracks from the places they lurk
Nasty, loathsome, fiendish, odious, slithering, devious, wanton, branksome, spiteful, putrid, generally unpleasant things.
Sinister things.