1. Goat Boat

From the album Goat Boat

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Written and Produced by Donald Newholm and Computron 10,000

Arranged and Performed by:

Donald Newholm - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
Seb Cole - Drums
Chris McInnes - Piano
Lucy Newholm - Flutes
Charlie Pyne - Double Bass

Copyright 2018 Ó Records


Not even Poseidon put Trident in his master plan
A three pronged scheme to defend us from undersea man

What a witless thing to say you'd do when we all know
Goat Boat won't float

Spending time with Einstein would be helpful for you
You might learn a bit
Bending climates and shining the shit on your shoe
With the whole world's spit

Quite uptight to cling to this delusion when we know
Goat Boat won't go

All puffed up with a bluff they'll eventually call
As horny devils engender to render the fat from us all

Grotesque obtuse overreaction waiting to occur
Goat Boat must go